This 65 Year Old's Knees Were Ruining His Retirement. But He Turned Back the Clock Without Surgery

It's no surprise that my knees hurt more now than they did when I was 25.

It began in my mid 50's, and got progressively worse as I passed 60. Now that I'm retired at 65, they hurt often. Some days, the pain keeps me from going anywhere – shopping, out with my wife, playing golf…

I try not to complain, but this worried me. I feared losing my mobility more than my virility. At least they make a little blue pill for that – they don't make a little blue pill for your knees.

"They don't make a pill for your knees."

The Doctor Wasn't Much Help

I was not about to watch everyone else have fun while I sit there like a bump on a log, so I set out to find a solution. The first stop was the doctor.

But I was disappointed. He recommended surgery, but I'll be honest, that scares me. I’m not ready for that.

He then recommended physical therapy, which did sound promising. But the multiple weekly visits weren't covered, and to be honest, far too time consuming.

This is NOT how I envisioned my golden years. My knees were really limiting me. I started to consider just biting the bullet and getting the surgery – maybe that was the only way.

A Dancing Man Changed Everything

A few days after I went to the doctor, my wife and I went to a retro "disco night" (remember disco?) at the senior center. My knee felt "just ok" that night, but I could probably slow dance once or twice.

But during the night, we all noticed this older man dancing up a storm. The amazing part was he was far older than me – maybe 75 or even older.

I have to admit, I felt jealous. Here I was, sitting down at the table with a bum knee while he fast danced with a whole group of smiling ladies.

How could he do this? How could he get to be his age without knee issues?

I had to find out.

Later that night, I saw him in the restroom, and started chatting. I commented on his dancing, and flat out asked how his knees were holding up.

What he told me has completely changed my life.

A Brand New Knee Pain Treatment

Mr. Dancing Man said his "secret" was a new type of knee brace called Fitnus. And that was it. No therapy, no surgery. In fact, he said the brace has actually healed his knees.

I was pretty skeptical. A knee brace? Like 100 others I've seen? No way.

He said "want to see it?" and rolled up his pant leg (good thing nobody walked in – that might have been awkward!)

The brace did look pretty neat – like a cross between a regular knee brace and a compression sleeve. I said as much, and he replied "exactly".

Fitnus looks similar to a regular brace that you've seen before, but besides the stability normal braces offer, Fitnus also restores mobility. In fact, it's closer to "compression treatment".

The Fitnus Secret: Restoring Your Knees, Not Just Soothing Them

I started researching after that dance night, and learned a lot.

Typical knee braces keep your kneecap from moving. This is important, but it's only part of what's necessary to regain mobility.

The real help is in what's called "flexible compression". And that's where Fitnus is completely different than anything else on the market. It stabilizes your knee, but is also comfortable and flexible, with healing compression properties.

Used regularly, Fitnus can actually reverse knee issues, and the resulting mobility can be comparable to an entire year of physical therapy.

Here's how Fitnus can help HEAL your knees:

  1. Compression Support Breathable micro-fabric uses targeted compression, which lubricates your joints and produces therapeutic heat. This increases blood circulation to both reduce inflammation and promote healing.
  2. Improved Balance: It helps support your knee and the tendons and tissues surrounding it, increasing proprioception, which is closely related to balance. Your knee will feel stronger.
  3. High Tech Stabilization:Fitnus uses targeted compression for all-around stability. This greatly reduces the painful friction caused by "bone on bone" grinding.
  4. Flexible & Adaptive. One-Size-Fits-All Available in both men's and women's styles, the one-size-fits-all Fitnus brace is comfortable under clothing, and adapts to your movements. This keeps your kneecap in place, so your knees are never vulnerable.
  5. Promotes Natural Healing: All of these features encourage natural healing. Fitnus combines them all into one knee brace. It literally helps turn back the clock on your knees.

Get Your Life Back With Fitnus

The creator of Fitnus (Carl Rogers) is a physical therapist and a fellow knee pain sufferer in his 60s, and he explains how to best use Fitnus:

"Fitnus is designed to mimic the restorative effect of physical therapy. As with anything in the body, complete healing takes time. It's best to start your Fitnus therapy slowly at first, until your knees regain more strength over time".
-Carl Rogers, creator of Fitnus Knee Brace

According to Carl, this is what you can expect during your knee treatment with Fitnus.

The first day: Most people notice less pressure and pain in their knees from the very first step. But even though it feels good, you may not want to push yourself just yet.

The next few days: After a few days of wearing Fitnus, you’ll notice how the stabilization and compression keep your knees feeling comfortable for longer periods of time. You’ll likely start feeling stronger.

After about a month: A big chance for most folks - You'll likely feel your knees getting a lot stronger at this point. Most users report they can do the things they used to do nearly pain-free.

I’ve personally been using Fitnus since I got mine a few weeks after meeting the dancer. I’ve started playing golf weekly again, and I can take my wife out shopping. I can’t wait for the next disco night in a few months!

Take it from me: this brace can really help you feel like your old self again.

What do other people say about Fitnus?

While researching Fitnus, I discovered it’s almost like a secret club, filled with happy customers:

"I'm a hiking instructor in the pacific northwest. Years of trekking up mountains has really taken its toll on my knees. I've tried so many knee braces and sleeves, but Fitnus is the only one that truly made a difference. I can hardly even feel it when I'm walking, since it moves around with your body. The reduction in pain is remarkable. If you suffer from knee pain at all, you should definitely give Fitnus a try".
- Robert T. - Portland, OR
"I got Fitnus for my bad knee, and I could feel a difference right away. It applies a nice amount of pressure, but you can still move really easily. It's a really easy and effective way to treat your knees."
- Paul K. - Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Really effective knee braces and really great customer service".
- Valerie G. - Madison, WI
"I had been in physical therapy for a year until a friend told me about Fitnus. I got a brace, and I personally found it so much more effective. It actually heals your knees while protecting them, so I wear it while gardening and cleaning up the house. The results are exactly the same as therapy, but way, way more affordable."
- Barbara R. - Austin, TX

How Much Does It Cost?

When I bought Fitnus, I had to wait 2 weeks before they came back in stock, and then I had to pay full price at $79.99.

Honestly, I would have paid double or triple that now that I know how well they work.

You might be luckier than I was, because right now Fitnus is running an exclusive deal for our readers, and the price is only $49.95. That's 50% OFF! If the stock is still there, I strongly suggest you snatch it up.

Is Fitnus Worth It?

YES, and it’s easy to see why.

NOTHING is more important than your mobility, especially as you age. Once your mobility goes, it’s all over.

Fitnus has all of the benefits of physical therapy, maybe even surgery, but totally risk-free and affordable for everyone. You can heal your knees and get back to living a life you love. Retirement rocks now!

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*UPDATE: Wednesday, July 24, 2024* Knee-pain sufferers are catching on fast to the benefits of Fitnus, and they've just informed us that one warehouse has sold out, and the second is getting low. If you want to get the discount, you have to act now, or you may not get another chance.


Ally G. · University of Oxford
I ordered this brace as I had major foot surgery and am now in a boot, however, walking in the boot has messed up my gate and my knee started to hurt. I ordered this brace, based on the reviews, and LOVE IT! It gives me all of the support needed until I get into PT for the foot!
· Reply · 50 · Wednesday, July 24, 2024 05:58 PM
Isaac M. · Worcester State College
The person I purchased this for was happy. She needed more support for her patella to stop tracking but has had bad experiences with the basic sleeves because they don't stay up and then depending on the amount of swelling, the sleeves don't always fit. The criss-cross velcro is a great feature.
· Reply · 82 · Tuesday, July 23, 2024 11:12 PM
Justin P. · Chicago, Illinois
I love the knee Brace. My knee was injured last year therefore from time to time it requires support to ease the pain.
· Reply · 74 · Tuesday, July 23, 2024 02:52 AM
John T. · New Port Richey, Florida
I was looking for a replacement of my heavy-duty knee brace. After reading the reviews and seeing the design, I took a chance. I am so glad I did! I can put this on before driving to play soccer, rather than having to leave early to make sure I had enough time to put on my old bulky brace at the field.
· Reply · 68 · Sunday, July 21, 2024 09:23 AM
Katie B · Cass Tech/Commerce High School
I like the ability to adjust the tightness of this knee brace. The support at the side and front of my knee is great. I have an old injury that damaged the meniscus and every now and then the knee hurts like crazy, not enough for surgery but enough to make it painful to walk. I can walk and go about my daily chores with this knee brace and I can wear it overnight sleeping, keeping it comfortable by re-arranging the straps.
· Reply · 44 · Saturday, July 20, 2024 07:24 PM